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Spray Painting Equipment

Our vast range of Spray Equipment is surpassed only by the prestige of our supplier Graco.

  • 2L Conventional Pressure Pots

    2L Conventional Pressure Pots

    Convenient size for small to intermediate job applications or where the product must be applied shortly after mixing. Supplied with air regulator, lightweight and heavy duty aluminium seamless pot construction. It is strongly recommended that the pot is...

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  • 10L Conventional Pressure Pots

    10L Conventional Pressure Pots

    Workquip 10L Compact Pressure Pot, ideal for small production applications where product requirement is larger than a standard spray gun pot or where pot life is short. 10L Pressure pots come with air regulators, constructed with a patented seamless one...

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  • 20L Conventional Pressure Pots

    20L Conventional Pressure Pots

    Our Pressure Pot Range tackles most job applications or where the product must be applied shortly after mixing. Features air efficient paint agitation system for high solid products requiring constant agitation 20L Pressure pots come with air...

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  • FloTech Airless Sprayers

    FloTech Airless Sprayers

    President Pump Used for applications in construction, metal structures, lacquer, varnish, furniture, protective coating, ships, and maintenance, with fluids like enamels, polyurethane coating and normal coating etc. King Pump and Xtreme Pump Used for...

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  • Graco Merkur Airless Sprayers

    Graco Merkur Airless Sprayers

    Get the precise pressure and output for all of your finishing applications. Merkur pumps and spray packages are available in a variety of models and configurations, such as air spray, air-assisted and airless. .

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  • Graco King Airless Sprayers

    Graco King Airless Sprayers

    The Graco King units are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and easily handle the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control applications. The King simply rules in all conditions.

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  • Graco Electric Airless Sprayers Graco Electric Airless Sprayers

    Graco Electric Airless Sprayers

    Whether you specialise in interior or exterior repaint and remodel work or larger jobs that require extra power and flow for a variety of coatings and finishes, Graco electric airless sprayers deliver the proven productivity and reliability you need to...

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