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Blasting Suits

Blasting and Painting is not only dangerous to our respiratory system but also to our bodies. One of our Blasting Suits ensures you are safe from harmful knocks or accidents.

  • Clemco Light Duty Blast Suit Light Duty Blast Suit

    Light Duty Blast Suit

    The Clemco light-duty blast suit protects the operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive. The suit is a cost-effective alternative to a heavy-duty suit for intermittent or short-term blasting, and for non-blast personnel working at the blast site...

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  • Blastsafe Silencer Coverall Blasting Suit Blastsafe ULTRA  Blast Suit

    Blastsafe ULTRA Blast Suit

    Based on our long time proven BlastSafe "Source" protection suit.  We have refined the design and functionality into a new high-end technical safety suit created for Blastheroes. With recoil absorbing inlays, rigid fabrics, high comfort sport cuffs...

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